Healing Effects Of Water

Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr David Stokesbary, states “cellular water movement is critical for adequate absorption of nutrients and for the elimination of metabolic waste products. Those who drink structured water are benefiting both ways. With better nourishment and waste removal, every process in the body will happen more efficiently”.

Dehydration is caused by Insufficient water, and causes the body to operate in a state of continual crisis management, acne, afternoon fatigue, constipation, dry skin, heartburn and headaches are often overlooked as possible clues of dehydration.

Dry skin, wrinkles, flaky skin are a sign that the water level in the body may not be adequate. Prompt skin improvement follows with re-hydration. Constipation, when the store of water in the body is low the colon moisture becomes absorbed into the bloodstream. This removal of fluid from the faecal stream leads to hard stools. This also causes toxic substances to be absorbed as well. Every organ eliminating wastes are dependent on plenty of water. Constipation and dark urine point to a lack of water in the body. When toxins build up in the body the body stores them in fat tissue where they can cause serious problems. These toxins are acidic. Alkalizing foods, raw fruit and vegetables, exercise, and plenty of structured water helps to remove toxic substances.

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