25 Reasons To Buy Vitel Water

Vitel Water Beads

1. Vitel Water is the cheapest and best water you can possibly drink
Vitel water is the cleanest and healthiest water one can consume. There are many expensive filters and purifiers on the market, but none of these transforms water and brings it back to life. A one-time purchase of around $140 for a full Vitel water set is an amazing price for something that is guaranteed to last forever, you can even transform your filtered or purified water.

2. They are the highest quality magnesium beads you can buy
We source only the highest quality beads, from the original source. When we receive the beads we wash them in highly energised water. Then they are placed on the laminar crystal in the sun to dry. This further enhances the quality of the beads.

3. Vitel Water tastes fantastic, clean, crisp and refreshing
From the first taste you know there is something special about this water. It tastes thinner and our body accepts it and uses it. Whereas with common water our body repels it.

4. Vitel Water neutralises and removes chlorine, fluoride and contaminants in the water
The contaminants in the water are turned to gases, the water is heavier than the gases, so the gases get vented off the top of the water. A recent scientific analysis of the water through ALS Australia proved the beads removed chlorine and fluoride from the water.

5. Vitel Water restructures and purifies any water
The beads restructure the water so that the water forms single molecules of 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen atoms that are very tightly and permanently bound together, the water has smaller clusters of water molecules, making it more hydrating to the body’s cells. The better the water you start with the better the water will become.

6. Vitel Water saves the environment on plastic bottles
For the rest of your life, you never need to buy bottled water in plastic bottles again. You can fill any container again and again. Any water that gets washed down the sink is very beneficial for the environment in your area. You can even transform the water in your rainwater tank and turn it into super water.

7. Vitel Water provides us with the key to a healthier lifestyle
Water is the key to life, and living a healthy life depends upon water. Many trips to the doctor, diseases and cancers could be avoided by drinking more quality water. Many people drink no water at all, this is debilitating to your health.

8. Vitel Water is super hydrating to all living cells
Proper hydration is essential to all living cells, and Vitel water is super hydrating. Dehydration causes many debilitating health problems. Athletes know the importance of correct hydration and the best form of hydration is water that is alive and has energy in it.

9. Vitel Water raises and balances pH levels of the water, and of the body
Recent tests with ALS Australia have proven that the Vitel water beads raise the pH of tap water to alkaline 8.7, tap water measured at 6.7 acidic. Drinking Vitel water will balance the pH of your body. A customer recently commented that their dog used to wee on the grass and it would kill the grass. The doggie now drinks Vitel water and amazing no more dead grass. A body cannot be sick in a balanced pH.

10. Cancers and diseases live in an acidic body Vitel water is Alkaline
Scientists have found over 200 degenerative diseases linked to low acidic pH levels including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, gall and kidney stones, and much more. Drinking Vitel water will raise the pH of your body. Raising the Ph of the body puts more oxygen into your cells. Cancers are anaerobic living in the absence of oxygen.

11. Vitel Water improves water movement in the body
The water is alive and reaches the outer cells of the body. Every function of the body requires water and the better the water the better your body will function.

12. Vitel Water allows for better absorption of Vitamins, minerals and Nutrients
Water is important to carry vitamins, minerals and nutrients around to where they are needed in the body. With not enough water most of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients will be dumped from the body.

13. Vitel Water removes toxins from water and from the body
Any toxins in the water are removed, including heavy metals. Toxins and heavy metals are also released from the body. Anything that is unnatural in the water is removed leaving you with toxic free water.

14. Vitel Water reduces free radicals in the body
A free radical is a cellular killer that by damaging DNA, alter the biochemical compounds, messing up cell membranes and destroying cells. They play a major role in the ageing process. Free radicals accumulate with age. Vitel water removes free radicals from the body.

15. Vitel Water gives relief from Arthritis
Arthritis is caused by dehydration, drinking Vitel water correctly will give relief from the pain associated with arthritis. Arthritis is like an emergency call from your body telling you that you need water.

16. Magnesium is the key for better absorption of more available calcium
Many people waste money on calcium supplements, unaware that without magnesium our body dumps the excess calcium from the body. Excess calcium combined with low magnesium will create osteoporosis and fragile bones. Magnesium is the most important major mineral that is needed by your body. In order to function correctly and efficiently, your body needs many nutrients. But if it is deficient in magnesium, there are over 350 biochemical reactions that either won’t occur at all or will occur very inefficiently. Somewhat like a six cylinder car trying to run on four spark plugs.

17. Vitel Water increases muscle and joint mobility
Feel an ease of movement and mobility in muscle joints as the water moisturises and hydrates your joints. Get that spring back into your step.

18. Vitel Water cleans up contamination and can’t be contaminated
Once the water is made it cannot be contaminated and will clean up anything contaminated it comes in contact with. The water doesn’t support lower life forms such as germs, bacteria or fungi. The water can be said to be antiseptic. It’s fantastic in rainwater tanks, spa pools, swimming pools, horse drinking baths, dams, ponds.

19. You can clean with the water with no chemicals
You can clean your entire house with the water using no chemicals. It’s great for wiping down benches cleaning your bathroom and toilet, Cleaning baby at nappy changes, you can even mop your floors with the water.

20.There are no ongoing costs
The beads last forever and never need replacing, unlike filtered, purified and reverse osmosis water the filter needs to be replaced every 4-6 months. Filtered, purified, and reverse osmosis waters are great to use to make your transformed Vitel water from.

21. The beads do not require any power
Water dispensing units are basically a refrigerator. Refrigerators are expensive to run and are not energy efficient. You can make your Vitel water and store it in the fridge in a container or bottle so long as it is sealed.

22. They reduce the surface tension of the water
Dehydrated cells age more quickly and retain toxins. The Vitel water beads reduce the surface tension of the water, allowing for better absorption by the cells and tissues.

23. The water enhances the flavour of foods
Cleaned and soaked fruits and vegetables taste like they were picked that day. Vitel water has the ability to reconstitute simple sugars into complex sugars, which leads to wonderful enhancements in eating experiences.

24. The water preserves foods
Foods that are stored in the fridge will last longer as the food will stay hydrated for longer. We have tested packaged lettuce and found that with spraying inside the bag with Vitel water the lettuce was still a nice green colour and crunchy after it had been in the fridge for 2 weeks after its use by date.

25. Many people are now drinking Vitel water
This product has been trialled, tested and analysed, with great results. Many people are now drinking Vitel water and are experiencing the benefits of the water. If you don’t believe what is written try it for free, then you will know what Vitel water is.