Acid or Alkaline

Dr Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize for discovering that cancer cannot live in a body that is well oxygenated. Cancers are anaerobic, living or functioning in the absence of oxygen. Raising the pH value from an acidic 4.0 to 7.8 alkaline puts 10,000 times more oxygen into your cells! Four effects of Acid waste build up are Cancer, Arthritis, Obesity and Kidney Disease. A body cannot be sick in a balanced pH. If our pH is too low (acidic) we cannot absorb Vitamins and Minerals.

What kind of water are you drinking?

Scientists report that over 200 or more degenerative diseases are caused by Calcium deficiency and high acid levels. When you attain that critical acid-alkaline balance in your body you are better able to…

  • Increase muscle and joint mobility.
  • Absorb and use available calcium.
  • Regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Cleanse your kidneys, intestines and liver.
  • Combat heart disease and digestive problems.
  • Neutralise harmful acids

Healthy human blood is 7.4 alkaline Vitel Water is 8.7 alkaline

Some examples of what we consume daily are cola or soft drinks 2.5 acidic, coffee 5.2 acidic, beer 4.2 acidic, wine 3.6 acidic, juice (from concentrate) 3.2 acidic, reverse osmosis water 4.0 acidic. and so on.

Vitel Water helps to maintain the body’s alkalinity balance, one of the most important aspects of staying healthy.