Vitel Water Usage

Vitel Water can be used in so many ways. You can drink it, you can cook with it, you can bathe in it, you can give it to your plants, you can give it to your pets, You can clean with it, You can use it as a moisturiser.

Vitel Water can be used anywhere and anyway that common water is used.

Use it for all your cooking and drink lots of it, Some people notice a thirst for a day or so until enough of the body’s water is replaced with this vital, thinner water.

It also balances the pH of the water to 8.7 alkaline to make it more useful for the body.

Placed in a humidifier, Vitel Water can create a very healthy environment. It repels black mould. It seems to get rid of odours and creosote that can hang in the air from wood burning stoves.

A person with any kind of lung or sinus problems or asthma may find it helpful to breathe in the Vitel Water from a humidifier.

You can use it to clean your fruits and vegetables. Carrots, peeled and soaked in Vitel Water are enhanced in flavour and make very tasty carrot juice.

You can also place a bag of beads in the toilet tank to help clean up the septic or sewer.

Vitel Water is great for home brewing.

Dentures soaked and cleaned with Vitel Water will feel fresh and clean.

Put some in a spray bottle, and you could find a hundred uses for it!

  1. In the kitchen; spray the bottom of a frying pan and/or the top of food when cooking to give added moisture when desired. Spray/wash fruits/veggies. Spray the counter and the dishrag before wiping it clean.
  2. Spray Vitel Water in the air to freshen and purify.
  3. In the bathroom: Use to spray and wipe counters and sink. Spray in mouth and on toothbrush for brushing teeth. Spray on your face to wash it and moisturise it.
  4. Spray it on cuts and they will heal quicker.
  5. Spray it on sunburn and it will heal quicker.
  6. Spray it on insect bites and they will heal quicker and not itch as much.
  7. It’s great for cleaning baby’s bottom for nappy changes.

Vitel Water cannot be contaminated, it cleans up contamination with no chemicals.

It keeps on working no matter where it is. As we use it, we begin to clean up the waters of the world.

Vitel Water has the ability to convert simple sugars back to the complex sugars that they were derived from. For an example, if you had a can of cheap frozen orange juice and made it with Vitel Water, the juice will taste like it was made from oranges picked ripe off the tree this morning. If you juice fruits or vegetables, marinate them in Vitel Water first and the juice will also taste like fresh picked fruits or vegetables.

Thus the ability of Vitel Water to super-hydrate foods together with its ability to re-constitute simple sugars into complex sugars leads to wonderful enhancement of eating experiences.

Initially, use Vitel water moderately and slowly increase. This allows the body to adjust and flush previous toxic build-up in a manner that is tolerable by the user. After the first month or so, use and drink intuitively in moderation on an ‘as need to use’ basis in order to flush new toxin exposures. 8 glasses a day recommended.