Spa Pool Floats

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Product Description

If you own a Spa Pool you can turn it into a hot spring with a Vitel Spa pool float. When placed in a spa pool, the water in the spa will be transformed, Transformed means that the bond between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms is tighter and there are smaller clusters of water molecules, making the water super hydrating to the body’s cells and any living cells. The beads will stabilize the Ph of the spa to around 8.7, which means more oxygen in the water, less cleaning of the spa and very beneficial water. You do not have to add any chlorine or bromide which are dangerous chemicals to the spa. The water doesn’t support lower life forms and it will clean these out of the water inc, bacteria, germs, and fungi. The water is the finest water you can soak in, a treat for the cells of your body. Once you add the canister to the spa it will take about a week to fully transform all of the water in the spa. Any new water that enters the spa will be transformed very quickly as there is already a large amount of  transformed water in the spa. All you have to do is keep adding water to the spa as it is needed and every 3 months removing about 100 litres of water and adding 100 litres back to the spa. Just think of the savings you will make not having to buy chlorine or bromide and the benefits of not soaking in these chemicals.

The beads will never dissolve in the water and are guaranteed to last forever.